A Grade Chakra Gemstone Meditation Mala, 108 Beads


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  • Product Description

    • Premium chakra stones meditation mala
    • Made of 108 gemstone beads
    • Individually knotted
    • Measures about 50 inches
    • Bead size about 10 mm


    These beautiful chakra meditation malas are healing tools for enhancing your positive energy and wellbeing. Each premium meditation mala contains 108 gemstone beads (10 mm approx.) in 7 different color sections representing the 7 major chakras, energy centers that regulate your body’s emotional and physical functions:

    • White- Crown Chakra (Enlightenment)
    • Indigo/Purple- Third Eye Chakra (Intuition)
    • Turquoise/Blue- Throat Chakra (Expression)
    • Pink/Green- Heart Chakra (Love)
    • Yellow/Gold- Solar Plexus Chakra (Abundance)
    • Orange/Brown- Sacral Chakra (Creation)
    • Red/Black- Root Chakra (Stability)

    Meditate with the chakra mala by breathing deeply and moving through the gemstone beads one-by-one, focusing on each of your energy centers as you go. At the top of each mala is a single smoky quartz Buddha bead, symbolic of the end of a full meditation cycle. This mala is individually knotted and should not be wrapped tightly around the wrist, as this may cause breakage over time.

    Handmade in Australia- natural stone variation and color irregularities make each item unique. Intended for delicate use- not waterproof!

    Gemstones: may include mother of pearl, snowflake obsidian, amethyst, blue lace agate, labradorite, lapis, green jade, turquoise, rose quartz, pink sodalite, carnelian, citrine, tiger eye, brown jasper, red jasper, black onyx, hematite and smoky quartz.