Abstract Infinite Knot Magnetic Copper Bracelet (USA)


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  • Product Description

    • Made of polished copper
    • Contains two earth neodymium magnets
    • Open ended: adjustable from 6 – 7 inches
    • Measures 0.2 inches wide
    • Handmade in the USA


    These copper bracelets contain powerful rare earth neodymium magnets and are designed to be fashionable while promoting health and wellbeing.  In Eastern medicine magnets have been used for millennia to increase the wearer’s life force, also called Chi. When placed over acupressure points this beneficial effect is increased. The magnets in these bracelets are positioned to cover the two important acupressure points of the wrist to increase their effectiveness. Copper has also been used in both Eastern and Western medicine since ancient times.

    Abstract design inpired by the Infinite Knot, a symbol of life, love and interconnectedness in the universe.

    Handmade in the USA. No two pieces are exactly alike. Variations in color, shape and size may be present. These contribute to the individual beauty of each piece as a one-of-a-kind work of art. Designed by jewelry Sergio Lub. Copper bracelets may turn the wearer’s skin green. This is not due to a defective bracelet; it means the body is dissolving the copper faster than it can be absorbed. In Ayurvedic tradition this is a sign of physical, emotional or mental stress.  Paying attention to when this occurs can help one be more in tune with their personal health.