Adjustable Waterproof Buddha Pendant Necklace


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  • Product Description

    • Made of waxed nylon cord
    • Color: shades of gray
    • Iron coated copper Buddha Pendant
    • Pendant Measures 1.1 x 0.75 inches
    • Length adjustable up to 24 inches
    • Made in Costa Rica

    These necklaces are 100% waterproof. Go surf, swim, jog or even take a shower with them on. Wearing your necklace every day enhances the natural look and feel. The sale of this item helps provide full time jobs for artisans in Costa Rica.

    Here Buddha is represented in a teaching pose where the hands from the Dharmachakra mudra (tips of the thumbs and forefingers of each hand united) also known as the "turning of the wheel of Dharma" since that's the hand position that thus becoming the posture that initiated the Dharma or Buddhism. In this pose he is also known as Vairochana, one of the Celestial Buddhas.

    Handmade: Every bracelet is unique. Slight variations in color combination and length may occur.