Be Here Now Adjustable Bracelet

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    Peaceful charm bracelet  made of sterling silver with smoky quartz beads and adjustable wrist cord to fit most sizes.

    • Be Here Now quote bracelet
    • Thoughtful quote encourages peace in the present moment
    • Made of smoky quartz beads, approx. size 6 mm
    • Hand stamped sterling silver charm (0.5 inches diameter)
    • Adjustable wrist cord fits most sizes
    • Made by Tibetan artists in the USA

    “Be Here Now” is more than a calming quote – it’s a philosophy of living, centered on a healthy connection to the exact present moment.

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    1. LOVE this bracelet!

      So pretty! This is the perfect little reminder to stay present, right here & right now. It is big enough to be noticed but not so big that it looks clunky or obvious, even with work-attire. The color is well-represented in the photo, a smoky brown that will work well with a variety of clothing colors.

      The bracelet is adjustable, but the knot is very tight. So far it is sturdy enough to pull tight without snapping, I imagine with time/usage the knot will loosen a wee bit.

      I am very happy with this purchase, my lovely little reminder.
      on 21st Oct 2014