Concepts + Philosophies


The Eight Stages of Jhana

Jhana is the Pali word for meditation or a meditative state that is best characterized as a condition of supreme tranquillity. According to the Pali Canon, there are eight... Read More


What does the concept of safe harbor or refuge mean in Buddhism?

The notion of taking refuge in a faith is unique to Buddhism. Quite simply, the Buddha, his teachings under Dharma and the Sangha or Buddhist community – termed the Three... Read More


The Concept Karma in Buddhism

Karma (or kamma) in Buddhism means “action”. In popular discourse, it is often linked to fate or predestination. Karma however, refers to actions that are undertaken... Read More


What does Samadhi mean?

Samadhi refers to a highly evolved level of meditation. Yoga schools call this Dhyana. Etymologically, Samadhi is divided into three parts. ‘Sam’ means holistic, ‘a’ is... Read More


The Buddhist Universe

In Buddhist cosmology, the word loka describes our world as made up of two inextricably linked aspects – sattvaloka or  the world of living creatures and bhajanaloka or... Read More


What is Nirvana in Buddhism?

Gautama Buddha explained nirvana as a state of transcendental bliss, one that may be attained during life or at the end of it. Roughly translated, nirvana means “to snuff out”,... Read More


What is the concept of reincarnation or “endless wandering” in Buddhism?

Buddhist texts state that on the night the Buddha attained enlightenment, he was able to recall a vast number of his former lives along with specific details like his name,... Read More


The Concept of Life and Death in Tibetan Buddhism

Awareness of the transient nature of life is one of the key features of Tibetan Buddhism. The true Buddhist should not fear death; neither should he desperately seek solace in base... Read More


What does the Weeping Buddha signify?

The statue of the weeping Buddha depicts Buddha in a bent over position, covering his face with his hands. There is a story about two warriors associated with the weeping... Read More


Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming, also known as an out of body experience or astral travel, is the practice of mentally waking up during a dream. People who practice this through Meditation and Dream... Read More