14 Great Facts About Smiling and Laughing

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Smiling and laughing don’t just make us feel happier- these activities also have deep social meanings, positive health benefits, and even evolutionary significance! Read the facts below to learn more about what it really means when you flash your pearly whites…

Smile Facts

  • 1. We smile 400 times a day when we are little
  • 2. We average just 20 smiles per day as adults
  • 3. Smiling uses up to 50 facial muscles
  • 4. Babies smile inside of the womb
  • 5. Women smile more often than men
  • 6. Hold a pencil in your teeth to feel happier (hint: it makes you smile)
  • 7. Shaking hands means different things around the world, but smiling is universal
  • 8. Smiling makes us seem more attractive and confident (evolutionary benefits!)
  • 9. Seeing photos of real and fake smiles, most people can readily identify the fakes
  • 10. Laughter relaxes muscle tension, restoring the body’s natural energy
  • 11. Laughing improves the function of blood vessels
  • 12. The act of laughing releases endorphins, a pain-fighting chemical in the body
  • 13. Laughter is recognized as a sign of social belonging
  • 14. Real laughter is difficult to fake-  most people cannot laugh on command


And one final bonus fact: smiling brings joy to those around you! When you are seen smiling, people in your proximity (friends and strangers alike) are more likely to smile themselves.

We hope this list gave you something to grin about!