21 Great Inspirational Gifts to Give to Your Loved Ones

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All of us have days when we feel pessimistic about things to come and hopeless about what the future might bring: in such times, very simple things, such as inspirational gifts that near and dear ones have gifted us, seem to work exceptionally well in cheering us up. So, the next time you decide to buy a gift for someone you love, try to make it thoughtful and motivational. Keep this in mind especially if you want to offer a gift to someone who is seeing hard times. Here is a list of ready to buy and hand-made inspirational gifts ideas that you can choose from, or use to think of other gifts along the same lines:

  •  Words of Wise Men For Colleagues: Throughout the ages, wise men have shared their thoughts with us in the form of pithy sayings. You can easily purchase a inspirational wall plaqueor even a coffee mug, a diary or planner that carries on it quotations that instill courage in a person and give them a brighter outlook on life. Surely one of your colleagues will appreciate something like this.

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  •  The Perfect Gift For Travelers: You probably know that St. Christopher is the patron-saint of travelers, as well as athletes, mariners, ferrymen etc. Dad will appreciate a gift featuring St. Christopher, such as a little amulet, for his next trip far from home. It can be the silver lining when they think life’s horizon is clouded and grey.
  •  Women Love Owl Jewelry: Have a lady friend that goes through a hard time? Not only is this beautiful and stylish to look at, in many cultures, the owl is a symbol of wisdom and it is also believed that the bird is a protector and wards off bad luck and negative energies. Gift a lady friend an inspirational gift featuring this bird, and they will be sure to turn cherish it in times of need.
  •  The Lucky Four-Leafed Clover For Birthdays: Now who will not appreciate a little extra luck on their birthday? Finding the rare clover with four leaves is considered very lucky, and today, there are a number of gifts featuring this symbol that you can choose from. Four-leafed clover pendants make a very elegant gift, and also make the receiver feel more confident in times of need.
  •  Men Appreciate Horseshoes for Luck: Just like four-leafed clovers and rainbows, horseshoes are thought to bring good fortune to the bearer. This is one of ideal inspirational gifts for the men in your life. Dads, grandpas, brothers, uncles, friends, all can appreciate this more masculine type of gift. You can buy a number of gifts today that feature these, and there is also jewelry on sale that is made from horseshoes.
  •  Hearts for Loved Ones: Often, when the going gets tough, it helps to be reminded that you are loved and cherished. A very simple inspirational gift for spouse, such as jewelry in the shape of a heart can also help boost one’s spirit in dark times. An album of photos depicting happy times works very well, and you can think of other gifts that are similar. Love is always welcome and suitable as a gift for birthdays but also as a wedding gift from one spouse to another. Ideal for mothers day too!
  •  Eastern Philosophy Inspirational Gifts for Fellow Employees: The Orient has its own symbols that can motivate people, and one such sign in the Yin-Yang. This provides wisdom and hope to people as it shows that life is made up of both happy and sad times, and is incomplete and impossible without a mix of either of them. Having a colleague that is having a hard time at work? This will help them to ease on the stress.
  •  Angels Guardian Gifts For Extra Care and Assurance : Looking for someone that needs some extra loving care and assurance? Want someone special to know you care? Angels, who are celestial beings and watch over us, desiring our welfare at every step, are a part of the beliefs of many cultures. Angel badges, rings, pendants, charms etc. make very good inspirational gifts to show people that they are never alone and uncared for.
  •  Lucky Origami Stars for Encouragement: If you are ready to put in some work and make a really personal gift, this one is for you. You can easily learn how to make origami stars. Only, before you fold up the paper, make sure you write something nice on it. Make fifty of them or even more, fill up a jar with them, and tell the receiver of the gift to unroll and star and read the message inside whenever they feel stressed or sad. This is a perfect all occasion gift that just about anybody will appreciate.
  •  Carpe diem! When Life Needs to Go On: If you know someone who wants to make a major change to their life or are set to take a big leap of faith but are somewhat unsure of themselves, gifts with the proclamation ‘Carpe diem’ are perfect for them, urging them on to action and work. Your friend whom has just been awarded a large responsible assignment, someone who started a new job in a new city, or your friend who just went though a divorce will value a gift that encourages them frequently.
  •  The Butterfly – New Beginnings or Birth: The butterfly is a symbol or hope and new beginnings all over the world and it cannot be denied that inspirational birthday gifts featuring this dainty creature are happily received by everyone and is suitable for just about any occasion you can think of. A Butterfly gift is also perfect to celebrate the birth of a baby.
  •  Enrich the Dreamer with The Ladybug: Children, especially, love ladybugs and have all sorts of games concerning how these little creatures bring one luck. A lot of people grow up but do not let go of their love for fantasy and myths, and ladybug unique gifts are perfect for them.
  •  Symbols for Good Luck and Happiness: You can pick from among innumerable gifts that feature symbols of hope and good fortune. Some of these symbols are feathers, rainbows, the number seven, things made of bamboo etc. Attach a little note to the gift telling the receiver why you chose it and why it should make them feel better in a crisis.
  •  Spiritual Gifts for the Pious at Heart: If you plan to pick a unique inspirational gift for someone who is religious or has a spiritual bent of mind, what could be better than choosing some words from the Scriptures? All religions carry messages that bring hope and strength to followers, and you can use this to select a gift that will always ease the receiver’s worries. These gifts make perfect christening gifts or any type of significant religious occasion.
  •  Relief stress with “Keep calm and…” Gifts: You surely know about the phenomenon that the ‘Keep calm’ tags are. There are a number of gifts which feature these, and you can buy or make one that is appropriate for your purpose.
  •  Lotus Flower to Rise Above Any Situation: Gifts that feature a lotus can be very meaningful, and you should let the receiver know that this flower, which is beautiful, grows in slime. This is how we should strive to live: rising above sin and all that is lowly, and being as beautiful as we can be.
  •  Solution for Stress, Inspiration, Motivation & Joy – Books: Book’s can be a person’s best friend in stressful times. You can choose to gift books that deal with the life stories of successful people who faced adverse circumstances, or fiction that deals with the same topic. Books are a welcome gift for birthdays, especially for those friends and loved ones who have it all already.
  •  Inspirational Calendars for Special Days: There are plenty of calendars on the market that has an inspirational saying on them for every day of the year: these can make very good gifts if chosen carefully. It will work well to present your boss or other colleagues with this kind of unique birthday present!
  •  Inspirational Wall Clocks at Work: Having something motivational to look at whenever you need to know the time is also a good idea, as it gives one a dose of optimism throughout the day. Who would not appreciate this gift for their office? After all, that is where time is of the most importance and the most inspiration is needed. This is great for an inspirational birthday gift.
  •  Fun Posters for Young Ones: For a child, inspirational posters to stick up in the room are a very good idea. Just be sure to pick some that are colorful and appealing! It is the ideal birthday or school graduation gift for a young friend or cousin.
  •  Handmade Cards and Notes Appreciated By Everyone at Any Time: Need someone to know you care? Is one of your colleagues retiring? Is someone you know recovering from an operation or an accident? These handmade cards and notes are really great when it comes to lifting one’s spirits. You can get people to write good things about the person the gift is for, and then collect these and present it to them.

How would you like to add to this list? If you have great inspirational gifts ideas, you can be sure you will see it added here with due credit!