About Buddha Groove

Celebrate Your Spirituality with a Selection of Exquisite Buddha Products

Buddha Groove, based in New York, is an online store with an awe-inspiring line of products that derive inspiration from Buddhism. Devoid of dogma, Buddhism relies greatly on its vast collection of tales and parables to inform and educate us about simple, eternal truths. Over centuries, the followers of Buddha have narrated these stories, filled with the gentle wisdom of their founder, like lamps that light up the rocky path of life, beacons that show us how to conduct our lives with compassion and truth. Buddha Groove is an attempt to serve as a reminder of such truths via inspiring Buddhist art and artifacts. The site inspires us to  celebrate our spirituality and aims at the preservation of Buddhist philosophies in our homes, gardens or offices.


Bring a little serenity that Buddha stands for through a range of exquisite art, and creative designs

Buddha Groove provides a creative platform for various artists to celebrate and showcase their talent and devotion. The craftsmanship of skilled artisans from India, Indonesia, China, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, USA and several other places is displayed at our online store. The collections includes Buddha statues, wall art, Buddha home accents, Buddhist jewelry and gifts.


Why shop with us

  • Unparalleled collection of Buddhism inspired art, statues and gifts
  • Family owned business dedicated to creativity and excellence
  • Exemplary customer service
  • Prompt shipping
  • Safe and secure order processing in line with the best industry standards


Learn, Remind, Share, Engage

Our interaction with our customers and followers does not end with these fine products.
The website has an active and engaged Facebook community with 60,000+ members.
Buddha Groove Blog is a good place to assimilate Buddhist philosophies, principles, traditions,
teachings and  inspirations.