Discovery Week Recap

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When we are little, we never stop exploring. We are encouraged to dream and discover, to play and to pursue our passions. When we grow up, we sometimes forget how to live with this same excitement and wonder.

This thought is what inspired us to begin Discovery Week- a chance to reconnect with who we once dreamed of being and also what we still hope to become. Take a look at some of the highlights from our journey of discovery:

1. These three quotes embodied the spirit of our theme, inspiring us to take chances, to examine past experiences in a positive light, and to never lose our sense of wonder.

Discovery Quotes

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” (Andre Gide)
“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” (James Joyce)
“Learning is the discovery that something is possible.” (Fritz Perls)


2. We created a video about discovering tranquility through everyday mindfulness:


3And you helped us answer 12 questions of self-discovery that encouraged us to find intention and purpose in each moment of our lives.

Self Discovery Questions

At its core, Discovery Week is about asking one simple question- What is our greatest purpose? And while images of stars, maps and compasses might symbolize this quest for self-awakening, we don’t have to visit far-off lands to find the answers we seek. We can discover meaning and value right here, every day of our lives, through small exercises in mindfulness and compassionate self-reflection.

Next week we will be “discovering” Meditation, but that doesn’t mean that this theme stops here- you can maintain your journey of self-exploration anytime you wish. A great way to practice this is to start a journal- you could keep track of your dreams, monitor your work time versus time for creative projects, or you could make daily lists of ten things you want to accomplish in the next week, month or year!

Be well. We’ll see you next time. And remember, you can catch all of our daily and weekly updates by following us on Facebook, Google+, and our companion blog,