Mala Beads for The Journey

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Stretchy Mala

No matter where the road takes you, the practice of meditation can help you return to your truest self. Introducing a new collection of meditation malas designed especially for the journeyers among us.

Made with comfortable sized beads and a stretchy elastic cord, each of these malas (or rosaries) can be wrapped and worn comfortably around your wrist as you travel the paths ahead. Different from traditional mala beads, which are  stored away when not in use, these stretchy malas can accompany you on your journey.

Wherever you end up, your meditation mala can help ground you in the absolute present moment: breathe deeply, move through the beads one-by-one, and repeat a simple mantra or intention to engage the mind and relax the body.

Mala Beads brought to you by Buddha Groove. For colors, materials and complete selection, visit the link below.

Meditation Mala