Meditation Week Recap

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Meditation helps bring balance and tranquility to our lives, whether we live in the city, by the ocean, or in the mountains. Of many wide-ranging traditions, there are no wrong ways to practice- only the ways that feel best to us individually.

As summer transitions into fall, we became inspired to begin a week of meditation concepts, images and quotes to encourage a peaceful start to the change of the seasons. Take a look at some of the highlights from our spiritual exploration:

1. Three quotes in particular demonstrated the importance of Zen stillness, spiritual transcendence, and self-acceptance in meditation:

Zen Quotes


2. We explored several well-known meditation precepts, including:

  • Loving Kindness Meditation (or LKM): Establishes compassion for all beings. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and recite your intentions for goodwill for all people. This is a good meditation to participate in with friends or groups.
  • Mindfulness of Breathing meditation: Means focusing solely on the in and outs of your breath. This helps to enhance your concentration and achieve a mental peace and calm.


3. We even looked at the physiological benefits of regular meditation practice:

Our hope this week was to emphasize one message: that meditation can be beneficial for anyone, regardless of background or spiritual experience. Also, while the “image” of meditation centers on Zen elements like water, sand, stones and candles, you can actually use the mindfulness techniques we discuss here in any setting- even in a taxicab or a crowded subway.

Next week we will be “meditating” upon the concept of Joy. But that doesn’t mean your spiritual exploration has to end this week. You can constantly find new ways to meditate by breaking out of the box and using alternative mindfulness techniques- you might try nature walks, labyrinths, or cairn building as an unconventional way to relax the mind and free the body from stress.

Be well. We’ll see you next time. And remember, you can catch all of our daily and weekly updates by following us on Facebook, Google+, and our companion blog,