Rediscover Yourself

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Think for a moment- when we were growing, most of us spent hours exploring hobbies, choosing favorite colors, and building imaginary worlds. There was enough time to do everything that we cared about, and more. We were encouraged to dream and to pursue what we loved… and then we grew up. Much of our early experience became lost in the grind of school, work and other obligations.

Take a few moments now to rediscover yourself. If you need help getting started, take our 12 questions for self-discovery:

Self Discovery Questions

These 12 questions may help you discover more about different areas of your life, and your answers may help you find ways to live more mindfully in each day.

Asking yourself other simple questions like “When do my best ideas come to me?” and “What time of day do I feel most alive?” can also help you identify areas in which you could be more creative or productive in the things you used to love to do! The best part… it’s never too late to start them again.

Do you have any thoughts or questions of your own? Please do share with us.