Weekly Theme in Review: Be Here Now

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Over the past few days we made an effort to live one moment at a time!

Here are some highlights from our week of mindfulness:

1. Breathe. Your breath is an anchor that secures you to the absolute present. Let this sensation of breathing return you home, to the here and now.

2. Mindfulness. Mindfulness practice can be as simple as watching your own breath rise and fall. Use your physical senses to create a continual awareness of the present moment.

3. Courage. You are built for the here and now. Live for today. Live for this precise time. Recognize your courage to Be Present always. Namaste.

You shared some awesome mindfulness techniques with us… check out the video we made inspired by your ideas! Here are some extras as well:

-Walk along the beach. Listen and watch how the waves flow and crash. Let the sounds of the ocean return you to a place of peace in your mind.

-Breathe with a newfound sense of awareness. Inhale everything good, fresh & new; breathe out everything stale (both mental & physical).

-Disappear into music while you exercise or meditate. Choose music that speaks to the soul, and let your mind travel fully into the complexities of the melody.

Quotes from Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thich Nhat Hanh made us contemplate the meaning of the past, the present and the future while a video introduction to the mudras of Buddha taught us even more about meditation.

Okay, enough looking backwards… it’s time to be present in this moment and wave goodbye to another great theme. We hope to see you next week…

What do you think? Did we miss any key points of mindfulness and living in the present? Please let us know below, and thank you for your comments!