Weekly Theme in Review: Green Goodness

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This week brought us closer to all things green and good. With your help, we analyzed “green” as an identifying color, a spiritual concept, a wellness philosophy, and more. Here are the highlights from this week’s theme:

1) Green is first and foremost a beautiful hue belonging to the natural world. It is also the central color of the rainbow spectrum, making green a color of balance and harmony.

Green Color

2) Green is full of spiritual significance! As many of you pointed out at the week’s start, green is indeed the color of the Heart Chakra. Check out the video we made detailing this connection!

3) Finally, we shared several “green” quotes and images about living well, growing strong and staying young at heart!

Quotes on Green

Whether it’s drinking green tea, “watering” the plants of your personal relationships, or making a commitment to keep learning new things at any age, being green is all about harmony, health and happiness.

Thanks for sharing with us, and we look forwards to seeing you again next week! Join us Monday for the nest theme in our ongoing series, and remember, you can catch all of our daily and weekly updates by following us on Facebook, Google+, and our companion blog, buddhagroove.com/readings.