Weekly Theme in Review: Timeless Symbols

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We dedicated this week to exploring the ancient symbols that connect us to our deeper spiritual roots.

Your impressions and memories of each of these unique symbols inspired us to create several short videos- check them out!


Infinite Knot

Lotus Flower


Tree of Life


With your help we also explored diverse cultural icons such as:

The Enso (or Zen Circle)

  • “What I got from this…is I can spin my empty-mindedness as my Zen ideals, Cool!” (Michael P.)

The Egyptian Ankh

  • “I love the ankh symbol…been wearing an ankh pendant for a long time… “(ADRIAN H.)

The Sacred Mandala of Tibetan Buddhism

  • “I saw the Buddhist Monks’ mandalas at the art museum several years ago & blow some away. I had an obvious sense of attachment when the sand blew. I’ll never forget how beautiful the mandalas, and those monks were.” (C. Miller)


Join us on Monday for another installment in our weekly theme series, and until then- have fun exploring more on your own!

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