Buddha Groove

All religions use the power of myths and story telling to explain and spread their teachings. Buddhism, devoid of dogma and ritual, relies greatly on its vast collection of tales and parables to inform and educate ordinary people about simple, eternal truths. Over centuries, the followers of Buddha have narrated these stories, filled with the gentle wisdom of their founder, like lamps that light up the rocky path of life, beacons that show us how to conduct our lives with compassion and truth.

Buddha Groove is an attempt to serve as a reminder of such truths via inspiring Buddhist art and artifacts. Our goal is to bring Buddha teachings, inspirations and a way to connect to Buddha by the use of these inspired products. also provides a creative platform for various artists to celebrate their freedom of expression through unique products that showcase their talent. The craftsmanship of skilled artisans from India, Indonesia, China, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand and several other places is displayed at our online store. Our collection includes Buddha statues, Buddha home accents, Buddha stationery, books, and buddha gifts. Visit our Buddha Groove online store.

Co-managed by Buddha Groove, “Buddha Groove Readings” is an online resource for all  followers where they can learn about Buddhism, and get small inspirations. We believe in connecting the community by providing meaningful information and resourceful links on Buddha through our blog. We encourage our readers to visit frequently as we constantly add more topics.