12 Intentions Inspirational Pocket Gemstone Set

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12 Intentions Inspirational Pocket Gemstone Set

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Each of the gemstone cabochons in this set features an intention that corresponds to the stone’s unique metaphysical properties. Intentions include phrases like “Truth,” “Strength”, and “Courage”. Every month, choose one that resonates with you and carry it as a small reminder of your goals and life path. Or, select one at random and resolve to work on the intention that's featured on the stone. With 12 stones in all, that’s a year’s worth of inspiration!

See below for a list of each stone and its intention. In addition to the 12 stones, the set comes with a handy little guide on how to use and care for your stones. Stones are cabochon-cut and each will differ in regards to shape and size. Stones measure 0.5 to 1.25 inches wide. Because of the organic nature of genuine stone, each piece will have unique variations in color and surface detail: no two stones are alike. 

Green Aventurine-Luck
Black Onyx-Protection
Tiger’s Eye-Strength

  • Inspirational pocket gemstones
  • Set of 12 gemstones total
  • Stones measure 0.5 to 1.25 inches wide each
  • Shape, color, and size of stones will vary

This set is made up of different components: no two sets will look alike. Individual stones come in varying shapes and sizes. Please allow for variations in color and surface detail.