Zen Buddhism


How the Study of Zen Koans Can Lead to Enlightenment

One of the unique features of Zen teachings is the Zen koan. “Koan” (pronounced “KO-ahn”) is a Japanese word with Chinese origins. While koans have been connected with Chinese priests from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the exact beginnings of the Zen koan is not clear... Read More


History of Zen Buddhism

Around the 5th century, a mendicant Buddhist monk from southern India arrived in China. Few historical facts have survived about Bodhidharma, as he is known, though the... Read More


The Concepts of Satori, Mu-shin, Jiyu and Shokokakkya in Zen Buddhism

These are some intrinsic concepts in Zen teachings. Satori is Zen’s spiritual goal, often likened to a brilliant flash, a moment of tremendous clarity that dawns upon the... Read More


Zen Teachings

Zen teachings are so deceptively easy, that the novice is likely to wonder what the fuss is all about! Indeed the most fascinating aspect of this “wordless tradition” is... Read More