Agate Stone Pyramid, Gemstone Accent and Paperweight

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Agate Stone Pyramid, Gemstone Accent and Paperweight
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Our sleek Red Agate pyramid channels grounding vibes to boost your energy and balance your surroundings. Attuned with the Root Chakra, Red Agate's strengthening, stabilizing effects restore equilibrium for stressful days. Cut and polished in Brazil, each pyramid shines with natural banded patterns and bold red streaks. Though pyramids will vary in size, each is approximately 2.25'' wide and 2'' high.

  • Gemstone pyramid accent and paperweight
  • Made of genuine polished agate gemstone
  • Measures 2.25''W x 2.25''D x 2''H 
  • Each pyramid is one of a kind 
  • Mined and cut in Brazil 
  • Sold individually

Due to the nature of real gemstone, each piece will display beautiful variations in color, surface details, and overall appearance. No two pieces are alike