All In One Smudge Starter Kit

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All In One Smudge Kit

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Sage? Check. Palo Santo? Check. Feather? Check. Abalone shell? Check!

The ancient ritual of smudging leaves your aura cleansed and your spirits rejuvenated (not to mention, your home smelling sweet)! Try it out for yourself with this all-inclusive kit. Excellent for beginners and novices, use it before meditation or after a long stressful day.

Each kit includes the following:
1 bundle of White Sage
2 Palo Santo sticks 
1 Feather
1 Abalone shell

  • All inclusive smudging kit
  • Includes abalone shell and feather
  • Herbs are are white age and palo santo
  • Abalone shell is about 2 inches wide
  • Sage is hand-tied in the USA

Due to the organic nature of plant matter, each item will feature natural variations in details and overall appearance.