• Blue Interlace Chakra Leggings with Folded Waistband
  • Fleece-Lined Om Yoga Headband, Multiple Colors
  • On Sale!
    Kale University Unisex Wellness Sweatshirt
  • Women’s Flowing Chakra Tank Top, Multiple Colors
  • On Sale!
    Bodhi Mandala Top
  • Men’s Eco-Friendly Om T-Shirt, Made in USA
  • No Mud No Lotus Women's Top
  • On Sale!
    Bodhi Shirt
  • Black Lotus Mandala Shirt
  • Blue Lotus Mandala
  • Be Kind Today Unisex T-shirt, Made in USA
  • Attitude of Gratitude Women’s T-Shirt
  • Be Here Now Women’s Camisole Tank Top
  • Be Kind Fair Trade Inspirational Lotus T-shirt
  • Beaded Lotus Pom-Pom Bag
  • Navy Hamsa Baseball Style T-Shirt
  •  Om Elephant Mandala T-Shirt
  • Teal Book Case with Infinite Knot Design
  • Buddha and the Bodhi Tree Bag
  • Don't hate. Meditate.
  • Don’t Hate Meditate Men’s Buddha T-shirt
  • Embroidered Neon Mandala Circle Purse
  • Everything is Connected T-Shirt
  • Fair Trade Wool Messenger Bag, Handmade in Nepal
  • Fair Trade Tree of Life Charcoal Bag
  • Fleece Lined Mandala Yoga Headband, Multiple Colors
  • Flower of Life Unisex Beanie, USA
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    Good Vibes Inspirational Unisex Sweatshirt
  • Grateful For This Day Inspirational Women’s T-Shirt
  • Grey Chakra Yoga Leggings with Folded Waistband
  • Blue Handmade Om Backpack, Nepal
  • andmade Om Shoulder Bag, Multiple Colors
  • Indian Embroidered Lotus Bucket Bag
  •  Indian Style Kurta, Women’s Lotus Floral Tunic
  • Lotus Hamsa Tank Top in Black
  • Lotus Vibrations Women's Black Yoga Top
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