Aromatherapy Set With Clear Quartz Stone

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Relax and recharge with this set. Featuring everything you need for a night of restorative self-care, each bundle includes aromatherapy bath salts, essential oil spray, and a clear quartz worry stone. Clear quartz is a master stone which can be used to amplify your intentions. The bath salts and spray feature essential oils specifically chosen for their uplifting properties. Give your spirit a reboot with the alluring aromas of Lemon Oil, Geranium Oil, Orange Oil, and Peppermint Oil.

Aromatherapy spray comes in a 10 ml spray bottle. Bath salts come in a 3” x 5” pouch. Clear quartz point measures 3''-4'' long. Crystal measurements may vary. This item is nonreturnable.

  • Includes bath salts and essential oil spray
  • Also includes a clear quartz worry stone
  • Spray comes in a 10 ml bottle
  • Nonreturnable

Due to the organic nature of gemstone, each point will feature slight variations in color, size, and overall appearance. Chips and cracks are common characteristics of quartz and should be treasured as part of their inherent beauty.