Auspicious Symbols Buddhist Prayer Wheel

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Tibetan Prayer Wheel
  • Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheel
  • Eight auspicious symbols represent good fortune
  • Made of brass and wood with inlaid turquoise and coral
  • Measures about 8 x 7 x 4 inches, includes hook for hanging
  • Embossed Buddhist Om Mani mantras, may or may not have beads
  • Handmade in Nepal, rustic detailing and organic finish apparent

Great for hallways and entrances- this hanging brass and inlaid coral and turquoise prayer wheel displays the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism: The Golden Fish; The Parasol; The Urn; The Lotus Flower; The Conch Shell; The Infinite Knot; The Wheel; and The Flag. Also embossed with sacred Buddhist mantras. Inside are scrolls printed with hundreds of mantras in succession – spin clockwise, with devotion and compassion, to send your deepest intentions into the universe. Comes with hanging hook for easy installation, can also be used on tabletops.

Handmade in Nepal: organic imperfections in finish add to the artistic character of the piece. Specific design and decorative symbols may vary. Removable metal cap can be reattached by pushing down slightly over the metal rod in the center of the prayer wheel. Rough wood finish with characteristic markings, scratches and dents.