Awaken Magnet Set

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Awaken Magnet Set
  • Set of three magnets
  • Made of pewter
  • Two round magnets depicting lotus flower
  • Round magnets have about a 1 inch diameter
  • Third magnet bears a quote
  • Quote magnet measures 1.75 x 1.25 inches
  • Lead free
  • Made in Canada


These pewter magnets come as a set of three. The two round magnets depict an image of a lotus flower. The third magnet is inscribed with the quote “May all things awaken to the light of their true nature.” The lotus is called padma in both Sanskrit and Tibetan. Rooted in muddy slime, the lotus rises through water to emerge into the sun, a progress that mirrors the journey of man's soul. Mired in suffering and sin, we pass through varied experiences before emerging into the sun of enlightenment. It is said that our hearts are like the closed petals of a lotus. Imbibing Buddhist virtues will enable the lotus to blossom into its full beauty. A portion from each sale of this item is donated to charitable organizations. Handcrafted by skilled artisans using natural materials. Variations in size, shape and finish may be present, contributing to the unique beauty of each peace.