Black Agate Gemstone Pyramid

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Black Agate Gemstone Pyramid

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Create balance in any space with the harmonizing vibes of our Black Agate pyramid. Marbled with striking bands of white and grey, this vital energy tool channels grounding energy into your surroundings, helping settle your spirit during times of unrest. Ideal for a meditation nook or a lounge area, place it wherever you could use a little rest and relaxation. Cut and polished in Brazil, each pyramid is truly one a kind. 

  • Black Agate healing gemstone pyramid
  • Natural banded patterns
  • Measures 2.5’’H x 2.75’’W x 2.75’’D
  • Each piece is one of a kind
  • Mined, cut, and polished in Brazil  

Due to the nature of gemstone, each piece will vary in regards to color, surface details, and overall appearance.