Black Buddha Statue with Mosaic Design, 10 Inches

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Buddha Statue

Spiritually brighten up your space with this strikingly beautiful Buddha statue. This 10" x 7.5", resin statue is a hand crafted work of art. The Buddha is draped in an antique red robe falling gracefully about his crossed legs. Buddha's left hand is facing upward and lies in his lap in the Dhyana (meditation) Mudra. His right hand hangs over his knee, fingertips pointing to the ground in Bhumisparsha Mudra. This mudra symbolizes enlightenment, as well as steadfastness as it is associated with subduing the daemon Mara. Statue is made with pink and green mosaic glasswork. Tiny mirrors on the robe contrast superbly with the black finish of the statue.

  • Artistic Buddha statue
  • Buddha is depicted in the Bhumisparsa Mudra
  • Made of resin
  • Beautiful pink/green glass mosaic work
  • Statue measures 10 H X 7.5 W and 6 L (Inches)

Hand-finished, minor variations and imperfections add to the artistic character of each piece.