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Quote about Courage


Courage is the beginning of all great things.

Courage is how we begin to know ourselves.

Courage means taking small steps in the right direction.

Courage is seeing challenges as they really are.

Courage is the realization that fear is an illusion.

Wednesday Wisdom: Courage

Today: Do something outside of your comfort zone

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Affirmation for Courage

I trust in my ability to face all of life's challenges.

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Thoughts on Courage

Bravery is not about becoming superheroes – it is about living wisely in the present moment, and learning to let go of the things and feelings that hold us back from living full lives.

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Word of the Day: Honor

Honor: When one's inner flame shines light upon another's. 

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Quotes about Honoring Each Other

With patient nurturing the most beautiful flowers grow – similar to our own lives and friendships, in which care and kindness are as essential as air and water.

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Namaste is a traditional greeting used in India, often accompanied by folding one’s arms across the chest, as in prayer. The word is a combination of two Sanskrit terms: namah (I bow respectfully to you) and aste (let there be).

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Quotes about Observing

The mind constantly dwells on the past and ruminates about the future, but if we can see our thoughts as "changing weather patterns" that come and go, we can transcend their stressful grip. Acceptance and gratitude are two more keys to this transcendent state of being.

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Affirmation of the week: Observe

Affirmation of the Week: I am a silent witness to my thoughts. 

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Be here now

Be here now in the present moment. Travel mindfully on your daily journey.

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