Inspirations By Buddha Groove


13th Mar 2018

Restore: to journey back to your centerSelf-care and self-renewal are about attending to all the different aspects of the self. We are beautifully complex physical creatures – both strong and vul … read more

Inspiration for Namaste

6th Feb 2018

Today: Honor your inner lightTo see the divine spark in others, we must also recognize it in ourselves I see your light. I cherish your life. I regard it with love.Namaste expresses the … read more

Word of the Day: Lotus

30th Jan 2018

Lotus (noun): A flower that struggles through mud to emerge beautiful and whole. Through it all the lotus flower blooms. … read more

Inspiration from the Lotus Flower

30th Jan 2018

Release the petals of your past self. Bloom. Like a lotus, you are unfolding all the time, revealing your inner beauty.Through mud it rises. Through water it emerges. Through sunlight it blossoms … read more