Inspirations By Buddha Groove

Theme of the Week: Calm

Jan 14th 2019

1) Steady breath, steady mind. We can’t control life, but we can control our breathing."Our breathing is a stable solid ground that we can take refuge in. No matter what is going on inside us – t … read more

Theme of the Week: Gratitude

Nov 20th 2018

1) Gratitude (noun): An attitude of joyful abundance Gratitude is opening our eyes to see the love and bounty that surrounds us.2) Sow gratitude. Reap contentment. "Gratitude turns … read more

Theme of the Week: Karma

Nov 15th 2018

Question: Is hoping that someone will be punished by karma its own form of bad karma?Even if we are hurt or angry, wishing harm on someone hardly ever generates good vibes. Instead of hoping some … read more

Theme of the Week: Nature

Nov 8th 2018

1) Nature (noun): The wisest teacher. The greatest temple. The ultimate medicine.So much of what we seek can simply be found with a trek outside. Whatever we need, nature provides.2)&n … read more

Theme of the Week: Choices

Oct 25th 2018

1) Choice (Noun): A decision to make something betterNot every choice is easy or obvious, but every choice is an opportunity to take a step in the positive direction.2) Choose: Reflection o … read more