Inspirations By Buddha Groove

Theme of the Week: Patience

20th Jul 2018

1) Patience (noun):The art of being here when you’d rather be there.Frustration comes from wishing we were someplace else. Patience is calmly accepting that the only place we can be is where we alread … read more

Theme of the Week: Freedom

9th Jul 2018

1) Free (adjective): living wholly, liberated from fear 2) Use your freedom to free yourself. Use your freedom to free others.You have the power to break past your barriers, and to … read more

Theme of the Week: Connection

2nd Jul 2018

1) Connection (noun): when our authentic selves embraceGenuine human connection is about being honest and vulnerable so that we can accept and love each other as we are. 2) No connectio … read more

Theme of the Week: Grounded

26th Jun 2018

1) Grounded (adjective): To be humbly rooted while we growWe are like trees. We flourish and thrive best when we feel centered in our foundations.  2) Grounded, not stuckDon’t confuse b … read more

Theme of the Week: Surrender

11th Jun 2018

Surrender (verb): To give up personal control for personal peace"Anything you accept fully...will take you into peace. This is the miracle of surrender”- Eckhart Tolle Surrender to joy.&nbsp … read more