Blue and Gold Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Blue Singing Bowl

. The bowl is treated with a striking blue and gold finish and is further decorated with Tibetan mantras on the outside and a gold Buddha Eyes symbol on the inside base.

  • Blue singing bowl (Shade of blue may vary)
  • Contains mantras and Buddha Eyes symbol
  • Measures about 6.5 inches at the widest point
  • Measures about 3.5 inches high
  • Weighs about 2.5 pounds
  • Includes wooden striker and silk cushion
  • Handmade in Nepal in rustic finish
  • Organic imperfections and scratching are common and add to the artistic appeal

Singing bowls are traditionally used to add sound and depth to meditation rituals. The unique tonal sounds are created by tapping the side of the bowl with an instrument, or striker, then running the striker along the bowl’s edge. This produces deep, humming vibrations which quickly fill the room.

Made in Nepal: Each singing bowl is individually created and will vary slightly in thickness, weight and appearance. Silk cushion and the bowl may vary in shade of blue. Minor imperfections and scratches may be present.