Bone Japa Meditation Mala with Inlays, 108 Beads

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Bone Japa Meditation Mala with Inlays, 108 Beads

This beautiful Tibetan japa mala is made of carved bone beads – symbolic of worldly impermanence and encouraging a life of compassion. Move through the beads one at a time, repeating a breath or mantra with each count. In addition to bone, this mala also contains inlay work, adding further to its unique beauty.

  • Tibetan japa mala with 108 carved bone beads
  • Features additional guru bead
  • Beads are inlaid with red and blue chips
  • Beads are approximately 8-9 mm approx.
  • Handmade in Nepal

Handmade organic item: natural variances in bead size, bead color, and thread color may be apparent. Minor imperfections such as scratches and cracks may be visible.
Intended for meditation use only – do not wrap and wear as jewelry, as this may cause the mala to break over time