Brocade Altar Mat With Vajra Design

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Personal Altar Mat With Vajra Design

Framed by a bright red satin border, the Vajra features prominently in the middle of this miniature altar mat. The word vajra is used to refer to both a thunderbolt and a diamond; the symbol of the vajra is said to represent qualities of each, namely, power and resolute spirit. This mat is a small size that is ideal for a personal altar or any small space you wish to embellish with color.

  • Personal altar mat with Vajra Design
  • Made from brocade polyester fabric 
  • Measures 9.5 x 6.75 inches 
  • Sold as mat only
  • Made in Nepal

This item was handmade and may show slight variations in color, construction and appearance. Such details add to the unique artistry of each item.