Buddha Groove's Mindfulness Mantra Silver Rings

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Buddha Groove's Mindfulness Mantra Rings

Buddha Groove's grounding rings pair dainty art with mindful mantras. Wear and simply turn their bands for instant inspiration. With a wide range of moving designs, each infuses everyday moments with peace and strength. Each inspiration comes with a symbolic art that matches the sentiment of the ring's mantra.

  • Mindfulness rings by Buddha Groove
  • Featuring moving mantras and minimalist art
  • Made of sterling silver
  • Ring bands measure 0.25'' a widest point
  • Adjustable open design fits most sizes 
  • Choose from multiple mantras

Silver is a malleable precious metal and  adjustable silver jewelry should last a reasonable time if gently adjusted within its limits. Please adjust the ring gently, one side at a time. Refrain from using the ring in harsh chemicals.