Buddha Mudras Accent Statues

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 Buddha Mudras Accent Statues
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These graceful hands are not just beautiful, but symbolic. Each represents a different spiritual mudra that Buddha communicated with. Two mudras are available: the Abhaya mudra and the Vitarka mudra. See below for descriptions of each. Statues are each about 8.5'' tall, 3'' wide, and 4'' deep. Use to accent a room or even as artistic bookends. Individually sold.

Abhaya Mudra- Translating to “no fear”, this mudra shows the palm held up and facing outward. It is said that Buddha made this gesture after reaching enlightenment so as to say, “Don’t be afraid.”

Vitarka Mudra- Known as the Teaching Mudra, this gesture shows the forefinger and thumb touching to form a circle, a shape that symbolizes perfection. The gesture represents the transmission of knowledge Buddha received after achieving enlightenment. 

  • Resin mudras accent statues
  • Each statue measures 8.5'' x 3'' x 4''
  • Each weighs about 15 oz.
  • Two different mudras available

This item may feature slight variations in details, color, and overall appearance. 

About Buddhist Mudras
The serene smile of the Buddha is his most distinguishing feature. Along with this, the viewer’s attention cannot help but be drawn towards the Buddha’s graceful hands, displayed in a variety of gestures. What do they mean? Read more...