Ceramic Neti Pot with Himalayan Salt

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Ceramic Neti Pot with Himalayan Salt

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Neti pots are simple tools that flush out toxins, clear the nasal passages, and improve upper respiratory health. Cleaning the nasal cavity is based on an ancient ayurvedic ritual, and a revival of this healing regimen means neti pots have gained widespread popularity in recent years. This neti pot comes with a package of Himalayan salt crystals that can be used to create a saline solution. Himalayan salt is one of the purest forms of salt, mined from 250 million-year-old mines. Salt comes in a 200gm bag and lasts for up to 40 uses. Instruction included.

  • Ceramic neti pot
  • For upper respiratory health
  • Comes with 200gm of Himalayan salt
  • Salt lasts up to about 40 uses
  • Instructions included 
  • Non-returnable