Circle of Calm Gemstone Pendant

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Circle of Calm Gemstone Pendant

This symbolic pendant creates a ring of calm that surrounds you when life feels overwhelming and hectic. With its colorful trio of soothing gemstones-each famous for its peaceful properties-you’ll have the serenity and balance you need to remain composed, like a quiet oasis in the midst of a storm. Alternating inlays of moonstone, blue lace agate, and amazonite are set in sterling silver. Pendant is 0.75’’ in diameter. See below for each stone’s individual properties. 

Moonstone-Emotional balance, inner peace
Blue Lace Agate-Communication, calm, trust
Amazonite- Hope, serenity, authenticity

  • Symbolic gemstone ring pendant
  • Sterling silver with premium stone inlays
  • Amazonite, moonstone, and blue lace agate
  • Pendant is 0.75’’ in diameter

Due to the nature of real gemstone, this item may feature slight variations in gem color, surface details, and overall appearance. Such characteristics enhance the unique beauty of each piece.