Coexist Bracelet, Sterling Silver

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Coexist Bracelet
  • Sterling silver coexist symbol bracelet
  • Symbolizes universal harmony and peace
  • Made of sterling silver with fine detailing
  • Measures about 1.25 inches wide
  • Adjustable closure fits most wrist sizes
  • Handmade in India – minor variation enhances artistic appeal

This artistically handmade silver bracelet depicts the “coexist” sign – symbolic of universal acceptance, love, and harmony between diverse cultures. Starting with the crescent moon for “C”, each spiritual symbol on this bracelet reflects a different philosophy or spiritual tradition: C – Crescent Moon, Islam; O – Pentacle, Paganism; E – Om Symbol, Hinduism; X – Star of David, Judaism; I – Individuality Symbol, Humanism; S – Yin Yang, Taoism; T – Cross, Christianity.