Coexist Symbolic Cuff Bracelet

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Coexist Bracelet

The Coexist sign is a universal symbol that celebrates harmony and acceptance between cultures. Each of its components represents a different spiritual or philosophical tradition. This sleek cuff bracelet is inscribed with the following; “C” is a crescent moon from Islam, “O” is inspired by a peace sign, “E” is the Om symbol from Hinduism, “X” is the Star of David from Judaism, “I” is the silhouette of Buddha, “S” is derived from Taoism’s Yin Ying symbol, and “T” is the Christian cross.

* Coexist cuff bracelet 
* Engraved with religious symbols
* Made of stainless steel
* Band is about 5 mm wide
* Bracelet is about 6.25 inches around 
* Open design fits most wrist sizes 

This piece may display slight variations in size, design and appearance.