Dhyani Buddhas Singing Bowl

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Dhyani Buddha Singing Bowl

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Tibetan Singing Bowl Sample: For reference only.

Singing bowls are traditionally used to enhance meditative rituals. Practitioners create harmonic vibrations by tapping the side of the bowl and then running a wooden striker around the bowl’s edge. This singing bowl is embossed with 5 images of Dhyani Buddha within base, reflecting the circular nature of meditative activities. A wooden striker and silk cushion are provided, so all you need is a free moment and a clear space on the table to enjoy the singing bowl’s tranquil effects. The bowl is made using traditional metals including copper, lead, tin and iron.

  • Singing bowl with embossed Buddha
  • Tibetan Mantra etched on the circumfrence (design of the mantra may vary)
  • Made of traditional metals with antique bronze finish
  • Measures 4.5 inches at widest point
  • Measures about 2 inches high
  • Weighs about 1 pound
  • Made in Nepal

Made in Nepal, each singing bowl may vary slightly in exact color and finish, enhancing individual artistic character.

These audio samples are offered to give a basic idea of this item's sound. However, please note that no two pieces sound exactly the same. We hope you’ll appreciate the unique tone of each bowl and the beautiful vibrations that results from each bowl.