Energy Bracelets for Courage and Confidence, Set of 3

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Energy Bracelets for Courage and Confidence

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Harness your inner power! These gemstone bracelets were specifically chosen for their strengthening qualities.

Carnelian: The fiery red and orange stone emanates a warm energy that sparks courage, and strength. It brings manifestation of one’s desires.

Bronzite: Alleviates feelings of self doubt. Creates confidence that helps us find the path to fulfilling our dreams. A protective warrior stone.

Brown Agate: Agate is a good protective energy stone and can dispel fears. Also enhances creativity and stimulates intellect.

  • Beaded gemstone trio for courage and confidence, set of three bracelets
  • Includes one bracelet each of Bronzite, Carnelian, and Brown Agate
  • Stretchy bands adjust to fit most wrist sizes
  • Beads measure approximately 4 mm each

Due to the nature of real gemstone, each bracelet will feature natural variations in color, bead details, and overall appearance. Such characteristics enhance the unique beauty of every set.