Fair Trade Daily Prayer Incense Pack, Set of 5

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Fair Trade Daily Prayer Incense Pack, Set of 5

Five alluring aromas to carry you through the day! With this set of Indian incense, you can choose from five different scents so as to inspire calm for a particular time of day. Each set contains one pack each of Morning Offering (for when you wake), Gratitude (to count your blessings), Silent Prayer (for when you need a meditative break), Inner Peace (for winding down after work) and Evening Offering (to give thanks for the day). Each pack contains 10 sticks total with a burn time of 45 minutes per stick. Made in India, the incense is crafted from the highest quality botanical oils for fragrances that are spicy and lush. Scents and their ingredients are listed below. Fair trade.

Morning Offering-Tulsi, Mandarin, Orange
Gratitude-Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon
Silent Prayer- Bergamot, Orange Bitter, Pettigrain
Inner Peace-Ginger, Lemon, Olibanum
Evening Offering-Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood

  • Daily prayer incense pack
  • Set of five incense packs
  • Made from botanical oils and resins
  • Each packs includes 10 incense sticks
  • Sticks have a burn time of about 45 minutes
  • Fair trade, made in India