Feng Shui Stick Incense, Set of 7 Scents

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Feng Shui Stick Incense, Set of 7 Scents

Incense burning is a wonderful tool to support the flow of positive Chi, and to harmonize and energize your home. The incense in each package of this set contains a unique blend of all-natural ingredients that promote harmonious chi for different areas of your life and home;

Wisdom scent is to promote education and knowledge
Health is for family and physical wellbeing
Prosperity scent promotes wealth and abundance
Love scent contributes to marital happiness and relationships
Guidance is for mentors and helpful people
Journey scent is for your career and life path
Creativity is for creative endeavors and the well-being of children

  • Feng Shui Incense Set with 7 Scents
  • Each scent package contains 10 sticks
  • Made of natural herbs and oils
  • Fair Trade, Handmade in India