Flower of Life Singing Bowl

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Handmade Singing Bowl

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Singing bowls have long been used for meditation and healing. Emitting vibrations that relax the body and ready the mind for ritual, their harmonic sounds are a wonderful way to add richness and beauty to your spiritual practice. To use a singing bowl, simply tap the side with the striker and trace the mallet along the bowl’s rim. All you need after that is a moment to take in its lovely harmonics. Made of traditional metals, this singing bowl’s interior is decorated with the Flower of Life.

  • Singing bowl with Flower of Life symbol
  • Made of traditional metals 
  • Bowl measures 7x7x3.5 inches 
  • Weighs approximately 1 lb. and 11 oz. 
  • Comes with striker, mallet and brocade cushion
  • Made in Nepal

Made by Tibetan artists in Nepal – variations in metal finish, size and weight may be present, enhancing individual character of each singing bowl.