Gemstone and Sage Smudge Set

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Gemstone and Sage Smudge Set

A little wave of smudging sage is all you need to clear away bad vibes and revitalize your spirit. Thankfully, this miniature smudge set has just that. Each comes with a sage stick and includes a sleek smudging plate of sliced agate, available in your choice of blue or purple. Small and petite, this pretty pair is an excellent size for an office, desk, or smaller meditation space. Agate plates will vary, though every plate is about 2.5-3 inches wide, and 3-3.5 inches long. Sage wands are about 4 inches long. 

  • Gemstone and sage smudge set
  • Sage wand with agate gemstone plate
  • Agate is available in two different colors
  • Plates are 3-3.5 inches long each
  • Sage wands are about 4 inches long
  • Size and measurements will vary

 This item is made up of various components. Please allow for slight differences and variations in regards to color and overall appearance when assembled. No two sets are alike.