Gemstone Bangle Bracelets, Made in the USA

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Chunky Gemstone Bangle, Made in the USA
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Various cultures have long coveted gemstones not just for their beauty, but also for their powers. These bracelets are topped with chips of various healing gemstones, each said to be imbued with its own special qualities. Choose from among 7 different types of gemstones. Bangles are silver plated and measure 6.5 inches around. Designed with a hook and latch clasp. Made in the USA.

Rose Quartz- Love
Amethyst- Calm
Lapis Lazuli-Communication
Malachite- Transformation
Reconstituted Turquoise-Protection
Black Onyx- Strength

  • Bangle bracelet with gemstone chips
  • Silver plated band with gemstone beads
  • Bracelet measures 6.5 inches around
  • Choose from 7 different gemstones
  • Made in the USA

 This item will feature variations in colors, surface details, and overall appearance