Gold Plated Miniature Brass Buddha Statue, 2 Inches

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Gold Plated Miniature Buddha Statue, 2 Inches

Intricately detailed, these small Buddha figurines of gold plated brass are an ideal vessel for a personal prayer scroll. Each one is hollow and built with a removable base. A lovely addition to an altar or any space that you’ve allocated for spiritual and personal time. Sold individually, choose from four different statues. Each one is a different manifestation of Buddha. Statue are 2” to 2.5” high.

Statues are as follows:
Medicine Buddha holds a pot of herbs in one hand and the stem of the Aruna fruit in the other
Amitabha Buddha holds his right hand over the left in the Meditation Mudra
Sakyamuni Buddha with his right hand touching the ground
Avalokiteshvara has multiple arms 

  • Gold plated Buddha statues
  • Made of brass with gold plating
  • Statue heights range from 2 to 2.5”
  • Statues are 1.5” wide and 1” deep
  • Made in Nepal

This item may feature slight variations in overall color, design, and appearance.