Green Fluorite Gemstone Point

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Fluorite Point Gemstone

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One of the more treasured variations of fluorite, green fluorite is especially tuned to the Heart Chakra and is said to assist in all forms of emotional healing. Boasting an exquisite mix of raw features and polished surfaces, our restorative green fluorite point is excellent for heart-centered work and opening up your spirit to love. Place it in a supportive and nurturing space, using it as part of your meditation routine or whenever your soul is in a phase of personal expansion.

  • Fluorite gemstone accent and six-point stone
  • Made of genuine fluorite with raw features
  • Measures approximately 4”H x 3.5”W x 2.5”D
  • Individual size and measurements will vary
  • Mined in Brazil

Due to the nature of gemstone, this piece will feature natural variations and imperfections in color, surface, and overall appearance. Such characteristics enhance the specimen's unique beauty.