Grounded Strength Gemstone Energy Mala

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Protection Meditation Mala

Buddha Groove’s energy malas are intentionally designed for personal growth and inner wellbeing. Each type of gemstone in these malas is hand-selected for its unique vibrational energies.

This mala’s beads of red jasper, tiger’s eye, obsidian, and smoky quartz were chosen to balance your Root Chakra and inspire inner strength. These stones are known for their grounding vibrations and protective qualities. Made with 108 beads, each mala is hand-knotted in India. Beads measure about 6 mm each.

Red Jasper-Endurance, strength, determination
Tiger’s Eye-Strength, willpower
Obsidian- Protection, stability, groundedness
Smoky Quartz-Stability, balance, protection

  • Specially designed gemstone energy mala 
  • 108 knotted beads plus guru bead and tassel
  • Red jasper, tiger’s eye, obsidian, smoky quartz 
  • Beads each measure about 6 mm 
  • Knotted by hand in India
  • For meditation use only, not recommended as a jewelry item

Due to the nature of gemstone, each mala will feature natural variations in color, beads details, and overall appearance. Mala's tassel may vary in regards to color and thread details. Such characteristics enhance the unique beauty of each piece.