Handmade Om Shoulder Bag, Multiple Colors

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    This no-fuss shoulder bag, ideal for yoga or everyday use, features the Om symbol. Om is widely used in meditation. It is the sound of the universe, a cosmic vibration, and our connection to the Divine. The bag is made in Nepal and measures about 15 inches long (including base of straps), 14 inches wide, and 6.5 inches deep. Bag strap is about 44 inches long total and 4.5 inches wide. Strap is made with an attached cell phone pocket. Comes in grey or green. Handmade in Nepal.

    • Shoulder bag with Om symbol
    • Made of cotton
    • Measures 15 x 14 x 6.5 inches
    • Strap is 44 inches long total, 4.5 inches wide
    • Comes in green or grey
    • Made in Nepal

    This item may feature slight variations in regards to color, size, and appearance. Such characteristics are the result of its construction and make each piece unique. 

    Product Highlights
    Artisan product
    Made in Nepal

    About the Om Symbol
    The sacred symbol Om (Aum), which in Hindu philosophy is said to represent the primordial sound of the universe, is widely used in mainstream Buddhism, though it has differing connotations. Read more.