Hydrating Organic Ghee Soaps, USA

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Hydrating Organic Ghee Soaps, USA

Used for centuries in Ayurvedic ritual, clarified ghee is one of the most healing oils for all tissues in the body. It’s super moisturizing and full of vitamins A and D (and not to mention, free of lactose and caseins). Made using only natural ingredients, these soaps quench your pores with a hydrating blend of organic, grass-fed ghee and seasonal herbs, revealing your skin’s natural glow. Great for everyday bathing and shaving, essential oils infuse each with mood-boosting aromas. Lather up. Your skin will thank you.

Spring Zest Lemongrass- An invigorating blend of Lemon balm and French Green Clay that cleanses the skin while lifting your spirits with its natural citrus notes.

Summer Breeze Peppermint Calendula- This cooling, calming peppermint bar hydrates and moisturizes with a creamy fusion of Rosewater and Coconut Milk.

Fall Harvest Lavender Oat-A soothing lavender scent that grounds your spirit while nourishing your skin with healing oats.

  • All-natural ghee soap with essential oils
  • Features organic ghee and medicinal herbs
  • 4.5 oz / 128, premium packaged bar soap
  • Handmade in the USA from quality ingredients
  • Nonreturnable

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Olive oil, Coconut, and sustainable Palm Oil, Organic Ghee, Aloe Vera Leaf, Chamomile, Essential Oils