Inspirational Bracelet Set: Dream Big, Start Small, Change Lives

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Start Small

“Dream Big, Start Small, Change Lives.”

These inspirational, hand-woven, earth-colored bracelets are made by a group of women working in Nuevo Montecristo, Guatemala. The group calls itself Nuevo Amaecer ("New Awakening") and the women believe each new order of the bracelets brings a new awakening, indeed. Group leader Blanca De La Rosa explains that with these orders, "We can dream bigger for ourselves, our families, and our community."

These bracelets are a perfect gesture of friendship -- or a reminder to yourself to dream big and follow through! Set of 5 bracelets total. 

  • Inspirational bracelet set (5)
  • Made of waxed cotton, beads and pewter charms
  • “Dream Big, Start Small, Change Lives”
  • Bracelets measure about 7.5 inches long
  • Fair trade, handmade in Guatemala

Each bracelet set is individually made. Organic variations in color enhance the authentic character of these hand-woven items.