Intricate Design Brass Buddha Statue, 11.5 Inches High

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Meditating Buddha Statue

This intricate Buddha statue is made of cast brass and finished using time-honored techniques. In one hand, he holds a bowl with divine nectar. His elongated ear lobes signify that he is able to listen inward. The right hand is sculpted into the hand of wisdom. This gesture brings the thumb and forefinger together into a circle pattern and is symbolic of the wheel of law and intellectual discussion. Buddha’s robe is ornately detailed and depicts scenes from his life. This exquisite statue will serve as a lifelong inspiration for meditation on the life and teachings of Buddha.

  • Intricately detailed
  • Made of brass
  • Color: Brown and gold tone
  • Measures 11.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide
  • Made in India

Handmade in India using traditional casting and finishing methods. Minor variations and imperfections may be present, adding to the unique quality of each peace.